The Benefits of Cross Training Judo with Jiu Jitsu

Judo is an internationally renowned grappling style of martial arts that originated in Japan. Even though Judo means the “gentle way” in Japanese, the application of its throwing techniques could be devastating and render a person unconscious in hand-to-hand combat. No one grappling art is complete—one art will focus more on certain aspects of grappling than the other. It is exactly that reason that it is beneficial to cross-train several different grappling arts. The two most popular grappling arts to crosstrain is Judo and Jiu Jitsu. This article talks about the benefits of crosstraining Judo for Jiu Jitsu.

Falling and Rolling Techniques

Knowing how to properly land when you get thrown is a fundamental skill that needs to be developed for every martial artist. These types of techniques are commonly incorporated into everyday Judo warm up drills. The following are essential techniques to practice in order to prevent the likelihood of becoming injured during a takedown attempt.

Sideways Breakfall - Learn to fall on your sides and slap the ground with the same side arm as you are landing to reduce the throw’s impact on your body.

Entry into Takedown/Throw - Jiu Jitsu practitioners lacking in standup experience tend to be sloppy and reckless in their attempt to clinch with their opponent. Practicing Judo with give you the expertise in penetrating into clinching range with footwork, grip advantage, proper body position and timing.

Stamina - The identity of Judo is to explode and utilize a lot of strength with their technique to escape from bottom positions. Combine this with their aggressive habits will force you to improve your stamina and conditioning.

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