16-Year-Old Moroccan-Dutch Kickboxing Phenom Vs. Jeff Chan (HARD SPARRING)

If you follow MMA Youtube, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Jeff Chan and his channel MMA Shredded. With over 500,00 subscribers, Jeff Chan is one of the most visible MMA personal brands on Youtube. What Jeff does a lot of film footage of him sparring all around the world.

In one video, he filmed his sparring session in Amsterdam, with fighters from Fight IQ and The Arena Gym.

In the very first sparring match, Jeff goes up against a 16-year-old (at the time) kickboxer. And there’s no doubt about it…the kid is GOOD. Even Jeff admits it…he says the kid is better than him when he was 16 and might even be better than him now. But anyway, Jeff likes to spar technically…he doesn’t like hard sparring. Which makes sense because he spars so much. But this kid turned it up on Jeff so Jeff just had to return the favor.

Not sure if that’s just how the guy spars all the time or if he turned it up because it’s Jeff and there were cameras there. But in any case, just have a watch. It is one of the more intense sparring matches Jeff has ever filmed.


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