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5 Best Uppercut Punching Bags On The Market

Heavy bags have been around since the beginning of written history of military training---dating back to even before Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War. And they have evolved over the years to cater to specific types of training. One type of heavy bag that is gaining popularity are uppercut bags. These bags are designed to primarily practice uppercuts while also allowing other types of punches. 

We have selected 5 of the best uppercut bags on the market to review them. You will find the reviews below, as well as their pros and cons. At the end, you will find our "editor's choice" bag and why we chose the bag. 

As always, when you using a heavy bag with full force, remember to always wrap your hands. Wrist injuries are a b*tch and take a long time to get over. I injured my wrist 4-5 months ago and it is still nagging me. 

Most of these bags will come with the necessary (but minimum) equipment to hang up the bag, like a chain and swivel. But there are extra stuff to you should buy if you want to increase the effectiveness and durability of your bags.

Different Types of Uppercut Bags

Uppercut bags come in a variety of designs including body snatcher (tear drop) bags, horizontal heavy bags, angled heavy bags, and wall-mounted bags.

The horizontal heavy bag (Ringside Uppercut Bag) is the original bag that people used to practice uppercuts with. Then came the body snatcher (also called tear drop of wrecking ball) bags. Then the new designs are the wall-mounted bags and the angled heavy bags. They all work, but it just depends on your preference.

This review article will have all the different varieties of bags so that you have a choice when it comes to picking the right one for you.

If you are going to get a bag that is mounted to the ceiling, it is recommended that you also get a spring. A spring helps stabilize the bag and work to reduce noise and movement. A spring is less than $10 and I think it is well worth it.

If you want a lot of movement on your bag, get a spring that supports about the amount of weight of your bag. If you do not want a lot of movement on the bag, then get a spring that supports about 20 to 40 pounds (9 to 18 kg) above your bag's weight. Each spring you buy will indicate how much weight it can support.


Filled or unfilled?


Max weight


Contender Body Snatcher Bag



75 lb/34 kg

Editor's Choice

RDX Angled Uppercut Maize Bag



60 lb/27 kg

Ringside Body Snatcher Bag



80 lb/36 kg

Ringside Uppercut Bag



55 lb/25 kg

Windy Wall Mounted Uppercut Bag 



30 lb/13.5 kg

3) Ringside Uppercut Bag

This is the only horizontal bag on the list---the original uppercut bag. This bag is great for practicing hooks, uppercuts, and even front kicks. It comes with a heavy bag chain and a swivel, and is 18'' by 36'' (45 cm by 90 cm).

This bag has a filled and unfilled option. If you choose the filled option, it comes filled with 55 pounds (25 kg).

We have this bag at the gym and I love using it when I want to work on movement. you can adjust the movement of the bag by adjusting how you mount the bag. We mounted this up at the gym and adjusted it to move a lot  so we can work on our footwork while working on hooks and uppercuts at the same time.

The video below is a video of my friend working the bag.

If you want a lot of movement on this bag, get a spring that supports 60 pounds (27 kg) or so. But if you don't want much movement on it, it is recommended that you get a spring that supports at least 80 pound (36 kg). 

Type of mounting: Ceiling or stand
Design: Horizontal heavy bag
Spring weight support for movement: 60 pounds (27 kg)
Spring weight support for minimal movement: 80 pounds (36 kg)


  • Also comes in an unfilled option for the cost-conscious
  • Wide surface area
  • Able to comfortable practice kicks


  • The hooks to hang the bag come a little wide so you may need to close the gap of the S hook in order for the bag to stay hooked in

Overall Rating: 8/10

2) Ringside Body Snatcher Bag

If training uppercuts and hooks is your thing, this bag is perfect for it. This body snatcher bag comes pre-filled with about 75 to 80 pounds (34 to 36 kg) and is 22'' by 24'' (56 cm by 61 cm). If you don't want it pre-filled, you have the option of buying it unfilled. The bag is made out of quality synthetic leather that will withstand a lot of punishment.

The chain and swivel hold up quite nice and can withstand a lot of force without moving much (unless you're throwing hooks left and right). The guy in the video below is big and is hitting it pretty hard, and as you can see, it barely moves.

Body snatcher bags are great for working angles and footwork off your punches because you can move around the bag so easily. And depending on how high or low you hang the bag, it can also be used to practice weaving. Also, if you want to practice knees or kicks, body snatcher bags are a great option too.

Ringside also has another bag that looks almost exactly like the Ringside Body Snatcher---it is called the Ringside Headshot. The Headshot is just a smaller and lighter version of the body snatcher.

Because this comes pre-filled, you may need an extra hand if you want to quickly hang this. 

Type of mounting: Ceiling or stand
Design style: Body Snatcher
Spring weight support for movement: 80 pounds (36 kg)
Spring weight support for minimal movement: 100 pounds (45 kg)


  • Also comes in an unfilled option for the cost-conscious
  • Great for practicing footwork and angles 
  • Ability to hit from more natural angles because of the shape of body snatcher bags


  • A little soft for anyone looking to do hardcore hand conditioning

Overall Rating: 9/10

3) Contender Fight Sports Body Snatcher Bag

Our third uppercut bag is also a body snatcher bag. But unlike the Ringside body snatcher bag, there is no unfilled option for this bag. It comes with 75 pounds (34 kg) of soft filling. This synthetic leather bag is the same dimensions as its Ringside brethren above, coming in at 22 inch by 24 inch (56 cm by 61 cm).  

Like its brethren above, this is a legit bag that will last a long time. 

Type of mounting: Ceiling or stand
Design style: Body Snatcher
Spring weight support for movement: 80 pounds (36 kg)
Spring weight support for minimal movement: 100 pounds (45 kg)


  • Made out of synthetic leather and is extremely durable
  • Can take kicks as well as punches
  •  Offers ability to work angles and hit pretty much anywhere on the bag


  • Doesn't have an unfilled option

Overall Rating: 9/10

4. RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Angled Maize Punch Bag

This angled heavy bag  is a newer design by RDX that I've been seeing a lot of in gyms that I visit. Like a traditional heavy bag, you hang it on the ceiling.  But unlike a traditional heavy bag, uppercuts are much easier on this bag.  Because the bottom half of the bag concaves, you do not have to worry about hurting your hands throwing a hard uppercut at the bag. This shape allows you to throw a proper uppercut from pretty much anywhere and everywhere.  This bag comes filled or unfilled depending on your preference. If you choose the filled option, it comes with about 60 pounds (28 kg) of filled material. If you do buy this bag unfilled, be sure not to fill it with water. It is not an aqua bag.

This is a maize bag, meaning it is not specifically designed for heavy duty power punching, although you may do that if you wish.

As an extra bonus, if you order on Amazon, it comes with free bag gloves.

Type of mounting: Ceiling or stand
Design style: Angled heavy bag
Spring weight support for movement: 70 pounds (31 kg)
Spring weight support for minimal movement: 80 pounds (36 kg)


  • Most versatile bag on the list
  • Can work all kinds of punches
  • Comes with a pair of free gloves
  • Comes with a filled and unfilled option


  • May need springs to reduce movement as it is a little on the lighter side

Overall Rating: 10/10

5. Windy Wall Mounted Uppercut Bag

This wall-mounted bag from Windy  is specially made in Thailand and sold by Ringside. Built with 100 percent genuine leather and is 32 inches (81 cm) tall, 16 inches (40 cm) wide, and 18 inches (46 cm) thick.  This bag is lighter than its ceiling-mounted counterparts but is as sturdy as they come due to it being wall-mounted. Each side of the bag has a target for you to hit, which is always a bonus for bags. Although this box is called an uppercut bag, it works just as well as a hook bag. Being a wall-mounted bag, this does not move so this bag is to work exclusively on stationary punching, and not footwork. This bag, coming in at just over 30 pounds (13.6 kg), is one of the lighter ones on the list. Because it is wall mounted is lighter than ceiling-mounted bags because it does not need the weight to stabilize.

Note: Ring to Cage also sells a similar bag for the same price. They are both the same bag with the same features.


  • Great stability to the wall
  • Light-weight
  • Ideal for working on punching power


  • Not ideal for kicking
  • Does not move so not ideal to work on footwork and angles

Overall Rating: 10/10

Many of these bags are ceiling-mounted bags. But if you do not want to mount to the ceiling, then a good option to consider is a heavy bag stand.  

Editor's Pick

RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Angled Maized Bag

Our pick for the best uppercut bag on the list is the RDX angled heavy bag. We picked it because it offers both the versatility of a regular heavy bag and the focus of an uppercut bag. With this bag, you can work hooks, uppercuts, jabs, and straights. You can even kick. Also, it comes with a pair of gloves. 

But you really can't go wrong with any of the above bags. It just really depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.


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