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6 Best Boxing Heavy Bag Ceiling And Wall Mounts

A heavy bag is one of the most fundamental tools of any legitimate pugilist. It allows you to practice technique and power without the need for a trainer, and without the worry of hurting someone.

A good boxing heavy bag is only as good as the mount that it is mounted on. Well, this is exactly what this buying guide is for – we want to introduce you to the very best ceiling or wall mounts that are used for hanging your boxing bags. But first, let us sift through our criterion to select the best products.

Heavy Bag Installation Instructions and Tools

You should plan on anchoring your punching bag onto something sturdy like a wood beam or concrete. If you are attaching your anchor to drywall (sheetrock), you should install some wood on top of the drywall before installing the anchor/hanger. An example can be seen below. If you do this, you will ensure that the bag stays on the wall or ceiling without any issues.

As for tools, not much is needed for the job. Like I said above, if you plan on installing into drywall, you may need to buy some wood for the extra stability.

Besides that, here are other things you will need.

Power tools

Black + Decker has a great deal on an entry level power tool kit with everything you would need to drill the holes. If you do not have a stud finder, I highly recommend getting one. 

Stud finder

If you want to install directly into wood, you will need a stud finder. Tavool has a pretty nice one on Amazon.


A leveler is important if you want to hang your bag up evenly.  You can find a pretty nice one on Amazon for pretty cheap.

Time to install your bag will depend on which mount/hanger you get and how proficient you are at installing things into walls. It can vary between 15 minutes to over an hour.

How to Pick a Good Ceiling or Wall Mount For Your Heavy Bag

Freestanding vs. Wall-Mounted

Stands that are used for hanging your heavy boxing bags can be categorized into two types: wall-mounted and freestanding bag stands.

All of the freestanding heavy bag stands you find in the market will not require any mounting. This is what makes them quite convenient in terms of portability and setup. The freestanding stands also take very little assembly times and can easily be moved around whenever you think necessary.

Freestanding stands, however, are thought by some to be less stable. This is exactly why some people place extra weights around them in order to increase their overall stability. Besides this, you will also hear some say that freestanding punching bags can occupy a lot of your home or gym’s floor area.

Wall-mounted heavy bag stands, on the other hand, are the exact mirror image of freestanding stands with regards to their pros and cons. This is because wall-mounted heavy bags occupy very little space and are much more stable as they are screwed into the wall itself.

A wall-mounted stand will, however, require a little more installation time because they need to be screwed into walls. This also means that switching their position in the future could be quite a chore.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity should be taken into consideration when choosing a mount and hanger.  Most boxing bags will weigh between 50 to 100 pounds (22.5 to 45 kg). However, if you  plan on mounting a kickboxing bag or planning on having a boxing bag that is over 100 pounds, you  should consider a mount/hanger that will support over 200 pounds---just for extra insurance.


Do you plan on doing a lot of agility and movement drills? If so, a ceiling mount will be better for you as it allows you to move 360 degrees around the bag. A wall mount will limit your movement around the bag.

Heavy Bag Mount Comparison Chart




Wall or Ceiling


Time to install

Aoneky Wall Mount

1,000 lbs (453.5 kg)


Best mounting bracket

30 mins

Editor's Choice

Firstlaw Fitness Mount Hanger

140 lbs (63.5 kg)


Best 360 degree spherical motion

30 mins

RDX Heavy Iron Wall Mount/Hanger

300 lbs (136 kg)


Best space saver

45 mins

The Silence Punching Bag Mount

300 lbs (136 kg)


Best noise reduction

15 mins

Yes4All Wall Mount With Hanger

100 lbs (45 kg)


Most secure grip

60 mins

Yes4All Wood Beam Punching Bag Hanger

150 lbs (68 kg)


Best wood beam hanger

30 mins

The Silencer Punching Bag Hanger Mount

This punching bag hanger mount has a mounting capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg) but that’s not its best feature! This bag has been aptly named because it can reduce noise to up to 58% for your training sessions. What’s more? This bag has also been designed in a manner to distribute the weight of the punching bag. This is done with the help of 2 ceiling joists that reduce the overall structural stress. This can be hung on either a wood beam or drywall.

This punching bag stand is also featured as our first product because its German engineering utilizes free forms of precision movement to neutralize vibrations and noise.


  • Mounting capacity is at 300 lbs (136kg)
  • Reduce noise up to 58%
  • Two ceiling joists helps distribute the weight evenly


  • Some users found that the screws would not fit through pre-drilled holes so may need some extra drilling

Overall Rating

Firstlaw Fitness Mount Hanger 

This mount hanger brought to you by Firstlaw Fitness is yet another product that can really dampen the noise and vibrations from your training sessions. Other than this, this product is said to be the only heavy bag hanger in the market that will allow your bag to move around in every possible direction and just the average up and down.

The Spider Mount of this product has been engineered to last a long time and comes with a lifetime warranty too. However, the weight capacity of this product is a little less, as it stands at 140 lbs (64 kg).


  • Dampens noise and vibrations from punches
  • The only heavy bag hanger in the market that will allow your bag to move around in every possible direction because of the hanger's ability to freely spin 360 degrees
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Weight capacity of only 140 lbs

Overall Rating

Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger 

This heavy-duty punching bag hanger is quite serious about the ‘heavy-duty’ part, as it has a huge weight capacity standing at 1000 lbs (454 kg). The manufacturer of this product has recommended consumers to use it on concrete drywalls (cement backer boards).

This product is the best mounting bracket since its horizontal bar can support a maximum of 2.2 feet (67 cm). What’s more? Its steel plate base will fasten securely to make sure shaking and vibrations are reduced to a minimum.


  • Huget weight capacity of 1,000 lbs (454 kg)
  • Best for concrete drywall (cement backer boards)
  • Horizontal bar is 3.28 feet, (1 meter) giving you ample space from the wall


  • Expansion bolts take a little bit of time to install

Overall Rating

RDX Heavy Iron Boxing Punching Bag Wall Mount/Hanger 

This ultimate and authentic product brought to us by RDX can be described as a heavy steel gauge on a 2 ft. wall bracket (61 cm). The weight capacity of this product stands at 300 lbs (136 kg) but this isn’t its best feature though. This product is the best space saver because the bracket arm can be made to retract and swing into the wall when you’re done training.

This heavy-duty product also incorporates stabilizing arms that can really minimize sideways movement and metal fatigue. The manufacturer, however, recommends that this product be used over brick or block walls.


  • Powder-coated bracket treated with special red oxide to prevent rust
  • Heavy weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Retractable arm bracket with ability to swing into the wall to save space


  • Very little instruction comes with mount

Overall Rating

Yes4All Wall Mount with Hanger 

This product from Yes4All is constructed using heavy-gauge steel which promises superior stability and durability. The weight capacity of this product is a little low, standing at 100 lbs (45 kg), but the 8 bolt points make this product have the most secure grip for intense training sessions.

This product, like the previous, also has a black powder coat finishing which will prevent rust and corrosion to keep it at its peak performance.

If you plan on installing this on sheetrock, you should anchor it to a wood beam.


  • 8 bolt points makes this product stable and durable
  • Black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Height adjustable


  • Low weight capacity of 100 lbs (so not ideal for heavyweights with a lot of power)
  • Not ideal for sheetrock

Overall Rating

Yes4All Wood Beam Punching Bag Hanger 

Constructed with very high-quality steel, this wood beam hanger has a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs (68 kg). It also features enamel coating that will prevent surface pitting and metal oxidation on the product.

Alongside a 360-degree swivel, this product also has a rubber interior that leaves no room for the hanging chain to vibrate and slide around. Lastly, this product is highly compatible with all wooden ceilings and floors and bolts onto overhead beams very easily.

You should only install this into wood. Heed the instruction at the beginning of the article if you plan on installing into drywall.


  • Constructed with high quality steel
  • Enamel coating to prevent corrosion and rusting
  • Rubber interior leaves no room for the hanging change to vibrate and slide around
  • Highly compatiable with all wooden ceilings and bolts onto overhead beams easily


  • Low standing weight capacity of 150 lbs ( 68kg)

Overall Rating


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