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4 Best Pilates Reformers for Increasing Flexibility, For Every Budget

Pilates is a wondrous type of physical exercise because it combines resistance training, weight training, and flexibility training with the help of a plethora of motions and poses. Most people will tell you that it is a great way of getting into shape, becoming more agile and stronger – not to mention much, MUCH more flexible!

Pilates has been compared to yoga for much of its life. And like yoga, you do not need much equipment to do pilates; you just need your body. However, if you want to take your pilates game to the next level, then – that is where equipment comes into play. These pieces of equipment include pilates reformers which have been specifically designed to boost your success with pilates by assisting in increasing your range of motion by deepening the stretches and build strength by adding resistance.

Today, we are going to present you with 4 of the very best pilates reformers in the market – but first, you should read through our buying guide.

Pilates Reformer Comparison Chart


Time to Assemble

Weight of Product



Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer

< 1 hr

146 lbs

10 years

Best overall for home use but expensive

Editor's Choice

AeroPilates Premier Reformer

1 hrs

107 lbs

3 years (90 days on parts)

Most economical

Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer

3 hrs

390 lbs

90 days to lifetime (depending on part)

Most expensive but also most modular

Pilates Power Gym Pro 3

5 minutes

60 lbs

1 year

Fastest assembly and lightest

What to Look for When Buying Pilates Reformers


Among the most important things you need to know is how comfortable you will be while exercising with this equipment. Does the reformer have a well-padded carriage for you to sit on or whether it is the right size for you? Some products even feature straps or adjustable headrests to make them more versatile.


Another thing to consider is the quality of construction of these pieces of equipment. You naturally wouldn’t want to spend your money on low-quality, cheap plastic constructions. You should, therefore, always look for solid metal products or at least a good wooden build. Also, these products should at least guarantee a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kg).


The best pilates reformers tend to feature adjustable resistance levels to help you adjust between different fitness needs and goals. The reformer should also offer you the option to lift off the ground so you can accommodate many different kinds of poses and motions.


The size of equipment is important not only because of your frame but because of the amount of space it will take up in your home or gym. Smaller models with versatile options should be the way to go here.

With the consideration covered, we can now finally move on to our agenda – the best pilates reformers for this year. Here they are:

1. Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer, With Legs

At the very top of our list is a product brought to us by Balanced Body. This product will revolutionize your pilates routine by primarily offering you ground-breaking innovations that offer many new exercise options. Due to this, your transitions between exercises will be easy and translate into a superlative experience.

This product features an easy-set foot bar for fluid transitions, a soft touch rope system for instant rope adjustments and adjustable, removable ergonomic shoulder rests.

When buying this, you also have the option of buying the tower for an additional cost. It might be worth it depending on your goals.


  • Standard-setting innovations that offer many new exercise options
  • Adjustable and removable ergonomic shoulder rests
  • Your transitions between exercises will be smooth-as-silk


  • Some users found were disappointed by the shifting of the carriage

Estimated time to assemble: Less than 1 hr

Overall Rating

2. AeroPilates Premier Reformer

This product isn’t named Premier because it is expensive – that’s for sure. This product brought to us by AeroPilates offers a huge value bundle which has everything you could need to maximize your pilates workout.

Other than featuring a four-cord resistance and a cardio rebounder, this product also includes a head and neck pillow and trapezoidal gold frame platform for advanced pilates practitioners.


  • Trapezoidal gold frame platform for advanced pilates practitioners
  • Stand elevates reformer by 10 inches (25 cm) to allow for more advanced exercises
  • Includes a Low impact Free-Form Cardio Rebounder
  • Cheapest reformer on the list


  • The assembly of this product can take some time

Estimated time to assemble: 1 hr

Overall Rating

3. Pilates Power Gym 3-Elevation Mini Reformer

This Mini Reformer has been manufactured to combine the best from strength training and pilates for both – men and women. There is no assembly required for this product and a total of 48 resistance settings are provided with 4 power cords and 3 incline levels.

The steel frame of this product can support approximately 300 pounds (136 kg) and the built-in wheels allow for easier mobility. Finally, this product is used by a lot of athletes for their at-home physical therapy sessions.


  • Combines the best from strength training and pilates for both men and women
  • No assembly required
  • A total of 48 resistance settings are provided with 4 power cords and 3 incline levels


  • Some consumers of this product complained about size compatibility

Estimated time to assemble: 5 minutes

Overall Rating

4. Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer

This is it. The heaviest, most inclusive, and most expensive reformer on the list. 

This is one product you may come across in hotels, fitness centers, and pilates studios. These pilates reformers are made using the finest manufacturing materials to make sure that they last.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, this product uses patented and state-of-the-art spring packages, Neoprene spring covers that reduce noise and soft reformer straps. Finally, the weight capacity of this product stands at 350 lbs (159 kg).

This is a very heavy product and will take two people to assemble. For assembly instructions, go to this page.

Estimated time to assemble: 3 hrs


  • A complete reformer with everything needed to work on flexibility, strenght, or rehab.
  • Made with the finest manufacturing materials
  • Can work the whole body


  • Product is heavy, weighing over 300 pounds (136 kg)

Overall Rating


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