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5 Best Portable Home Gyms Using Resistance Bands (Or Springs)

Sure, you can get a pricey membership at a gym to maintain your fitness level - but this isn’t the only effective approach to getting into shape. Why not just get yourself a portable gym so you can allow yourself to get exercise anywhere you want. All you would need is a few feet of free space and you’ll be good to go.

Many of these portable gyms come with resistance bands (or springs) and our sole focus for this article will be such home gyms. Now there can be plenty of variations for the types of resistance bands being offered in the market - which is why you should read through our guide for the best portable home gyms.

Features to Look for in Resistance Bands

Besides looking for the obvious levels of tension in the portable gyms, you should also look for additional features in the home gym such as a storage bag. The whole point of a portable gym and resistance bands is that you can store them in a portable bag and carry them around anywhere. This is why having a storage bag will be a great addition to your choice of a home gym.

Next, if you’re looking for resistance bands to work your lower body out, then you should also be looking for ankle cuffs. These ankle cuffs are very easy to put on and take off to secure the resistance bands. Some of the best ankle cuffs use Velcro for fastening the resistance bands onto them.

Lastly, you might also want to consider looking for resistance bands that have integrated handles. Every feature that you require has a lot to do with what kind of workouts are intended with the help of the portable home gym. Check to see whether the integrated handles are shaped appropriately and comfortable to grip.

What Is the Right Portable Home Gym For Me?

Choosing the right portable home gym is going to depend on your goals, your current fitness levels, where you plan on using it, and how much you are willing to spend. 

Some of the devices are light but only ideal for upper body exercises whereas others are a little bulkier but can get you a full body workout. 

If you plan on carrying it with you everywhere, then you might want to select a lighter product that is less of a hassle to carry around.

What body parts do you plan on working out? If you really want to concentrate on the upper body, then the Bullworker Steel Bow might be a good choice. However, if you are intent on working the whole body, the other options might look more attractive.

How much resistance do you want? If you are really fit and can lift quite a bit, then you might want to choose a portable gym with more resistance. On the other hand, if you don't feel like lifting light and want to use your portable gym to sculpt instead, then getting an OYO gym might be ideal.

Then of course the is the issue of cost. These home gyms range in price. But they are all much cheaper than a Bowflex or a gym membership.

**Portable Gym Comparison Chart**

*Body Boss 2.0 max resistance is dependent upon which version you get (2 or 4 resistance bands).

**The Bandboard only comes with two bands order. In order to get resistance beyond 40 pounds (18 kg), you will have to buy their other bands.

***Instead of using resistance bands to add weight, they use their specialized discs that works in conjunction with the bands installed in the device.

****Instead of resistance bands, they used a spring to simulate resistance bands.

Home Gym

Product Weight






OYO Personal Gym

3.6 lbs

25 lbs


Editor's Choice

Gorilla Bow

8 lbs

150 lbs


Bullworker Steel Bow

5 lbs

100 lbs


BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

16 lbs

60 or 120 lbs

2 or 4*

Bandboard Home Gym

5.4 lbs

80 lbs** (with optional purchase)


BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

This product is made up of 6 add-ons - all of which can be easily stored and traveled around with. The first feature is the base - which acts as an anchor underneath you while you stretch the resistance bands hooked onto it. This base is made up of non-slip material and has floor padding for extra grip.

Secondly, the resistance bands have a custom length of 30 inches where each band can stimulate anywhere around 0 and 30 lbs. You will find that this product comes with 2-4 bands in the package.

Other than the base and the resistance bands, this product features state-of-the-art, 360-degree rotation bars, handles, door anchors, and ankle straps. Simply everything you need for a workout! 


  • Has 6 add-ons that are easy to store and travel with
  • Non-slip base with floor padding for extra grip
  • 30-inch custom length
  • Features state-of-the-art, 360-degree rotation bars, handles, door anchors, and ankle straps


  • Customers complained that the product needed more comfortable padding

Overall Rating

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

The product is named so because it uses the design of something that has been around for thousands of years - the bow and arrow. While the design is quite simple, the product is astonishingly versatile, as it provides weight-free training for strength and resistance workouts.

What’s more? This product has been designed with aircraft aluminum and can handle an astounding 300 lbs of tension! The levels of resistance can be easily modified with the help of the FlexClaw design of the product. You can go ahead and choose from 10, 20, 32 45, 50, and 60 lbs settings for your workouts.


  • Detachable bow for easy carrying and travel
  • Up to 60 pounds resistance bands and can attach more than one resistance band on it for more weight
  • Light-weight aluminum bow that can handle up to 300 pounds of resistance
  • Ideal for people that want to go heavy on the workout


  • The manufacturers didn’t include training guides or regiments.

Overall Rating

BandBoard Portable Home Gym

This product by BandBoard has made it to 2nd place on our list because it is apparently the first-ever portable gym for a complete workout. Users can easily tighten, tone, and strengthen their bodies with the help of this product with the help of its BB1 5 Point Quick Release Bands.

These bands will latch onto vertical hooks provided by the product and will cater to your core, upper body, and lower body workouts. BB1’s design has also been known to isolate your body’s muscle groups to form symmetry and strength. This is also why the resistance bands provide multiple levels of tension for your workouts.

This portable home gym set includes a BandBoard BB1 Board, a set of Level 2 BB1 Bands, a carrying case, and a helpful workout guide.


  • First-ever portable gym for a complete workout
  • The base is made of non-slip material and has floor padding for extra grip.
  • Easily tighten, tone, and strengthen your bodies with the help of its BB1 5 Point Quick Release Bands
  • Resistance bands provide multiple levels of tension for your workouts


  • Customers found that the resistance bands aren’t great, as a replacement for heavy lifters.

Overall Rating

OYO Personal Gym 

While this product can replace all your strength training weights, you should also know that this product is patented by a technology that was used by NASA astronauts! Astronauts used this product made with SpiraFlex resistance technology to stay in shape at the International Space Station for about 10 years.

The package includes a 5lb resistance band and two 10lb resistance bands, giving you the option to work with a maximum of 25 lbs. Other than this, the product includes leg & door anchors, a nutrition guide, an exercise wall chart, free tutorial video downloads, and a free OYO coaching app for Apple iPhone users.


  • De facto resistance training system of NASA
  • The product includes leg & door anchors, a nutrition guide, an exercise wall chart, free video downloads, and a free OYO coaching app for Apple iPhone users.
  • Device is made out of high quality material, ensuring that it will last for years
  • Perfect for bringing to the office


  • A little more expensive than competitor products.
  • Not ideal for heavy lifting

Overall Rating

Bullworker Steel Bow Portable Home Gym

Would you believe that this product has been specifically engineered to target different kinds of muscle groups to deliver precise results? The product features Iso-Motion, which allows for a number of different exercise routines to be performed easily with full joint rotation. The goal of the Steel Bow is to provide isometric exercises that target the upper body, such as the chest, shoulders, and back. Instead of lifting, you are either pushing or pulling to work out your muscles.

The design uses interchangeable springs to provide for many different tension levels for varying muscle groups, with up to 100 pounds of resistance. It will also include a guide and a demonstration chart so you can work out according to your fitness discipline.


  • Features Iso-Motion, providing flexibility to users
  • Up to 100 pounds of resistance


  • Not great for lower-body exercises

Overall Rating


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