How to Get Better at Takedowns

The ability to take someone down is an essential aspect of many combat sports. This skill is also important for defending yourself in a street fight. A successful takedown or throw will weaken your opponent and leave them in a vulnerable position for you to capitalize on. This article combines training exercises and concepts from various grappling styles to provide a guideline for getting better at takedowns.

Grappling Drills

Drilling is the process of repeating a technique or movement over and over again so that it becomes muscle memory, sharpens the specific technique and develops your skills. The list below describes an assortment of technique drilling examples to get you better at takedowns.

Solo Drills to Improve Takedowns

Technical movements that you could perform by yourself.

Snap Down - Break down your opponent's posture with the snap down technique that uses the wrestling collar tie grip. A person’s common reaction is to regain their composure by immediately posturing back up. Anticipating this reaction allows you to time your level change and penetrate inside for a takedown. Practice using the snap down to set up various takedown techniques.

Now you have their lead leg to match yours, which is perfect for shooting into a single leg.

  • Keep Them Guessing - Spamming the same combinations of moves over and over again makes you predictable and easier to counter. This is where having an extensive takedown road map comes in handy. Constantly changing your positional setups and takedown combinations will effectively keep them guessing and a step behind you.
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