Burglar Tries to Rob Fort Myers Jiu Jitsu Practitioner, Sweet Justice Ensues

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

A Fort Myers homeowner Brian Birch heard some rumbling in his garage so he went to check it out. Upon entering his own garage, he saw Ortiz, the buglar, carrying with his jackhammer and airgun case. Upon seeing Birch, Ortiz came up with the pathetic excuse saying the boss sent him back to get some things. Of course, Birch didn’t buy it. Next thing you know, Ortiz runs away and Birch chases after him, eventually subduing him until police came. 

I love stories like these where the bad guy is dealt sweet justice. People who want to go and rob other people’s shit, make sure you don’t come into the house of someone who trains. In Birch’ case, he wrestled before and also trained BJJ for 2.5 years. But ignore his training for a minute and look at his build. Why in the world would you want to rob someone that big? Seems like the buglar had a death wish. Anyway, watch the video and see what happens.


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