The Most Effective Takedowns for a Street Fight

Street fights are dangerous situations that should be avoided if possible. The person disputing with you may have a weapon and it would not be wise to provoke them. However, if you encounter a situation where a street fight is inevitable and running away is not a viable option, knowing how to fight is highly beneficial. Additionally, being able to wrestle a person to the ground is an important skill in these types of scenarios because grappling grants you the ability to control and neutralize a person while minimizing the damage taken. This article describes multiple takedowns that would be effective in a street fight. (more…)

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Video: Demian Maia Highlight Reel

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Demian Maia is a slick, slick fighter. He comes away from almost every fight untouched. He did say himself that the point of a match is to win, not take (or give) punishment. And his fighting style fits his philosophy.  He is probably one of the last pure Jiu Jitsu guys to do well in MMA. And by well, I mean run through the UFC welterweight division in record time. And did I mention that he’s almost 40?

Anyway, here is a pretty slick highlight reel of all his wins. Enjoy! (more…)

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Video: Donald Cerrone working pads with Henry Smith

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Here is a sick video of Donald Cerrone working the pads with his pad man Henry Smith. You can see that Cerrone and his pad holder have been working together for awhile—they are so in sync! It’s not about how hard Cerrone throws, but it’s how smooth he is. Anyway, watch the video for yourself to see. This is a video of Cerrone getting ready for UFC 187. (more…)

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