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5 Best Kicking Shields for Practicing Kicks

The purpose of kicking shields is to allow your students to develop technique, power, and speed against real targets. At the same time, the best kicking shields will provide the ultimate protection for pad holders. This versatile piece of equipment is among the most crucial things you need to have if you want to develop your kicking prowess to the fullest.

If you have a random look at the number of kicking shields out there, you will come across a wide variety of shapes and sizes. All of these will leave you confused as to which of them is the best. Well, in this guide, you will find all the factors you need to consider when selecting the best kicking shields followed by 5 of the very best products we recommend for kicking shields.

Note: Kicking shields are different than thai kicking pads. If you are looking for thai kicking pads, please go to our review of the 7 best curved thai pads.

Factors to Consider When Browsing Through Kicking Shields

Thickness of Kicking Shields

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the thickness of the kicking shields. Smaller pads have been designed in a manner that they are much easier to hold on to during practice and do not cause your arms to tire during all those kicks. Even though this is the case, smaller kicking shields don’t offer the protection that is promised by thicker pads.

If you opt for those Thai pads because OF their cheap price, then you will feel a shock every time they block a kick from you. However, if these are used against heavy kickers, your arm could actually end up bruised, if not worse.

The best kicking shields tend to have enough padding to block the shock from every kind of kick strength.

Curved Vs. Straight Pads

The curvature of a pad is an important consideration because the ones with no curve usually take a couple of months for fighters to get used to. If you don’t want to wait for those awkward months to break into straight kicking shields, we would recommend purchasing curved ones.


When you’re choosing the best kicking shield, you should definitely think about their construction quality. You’ll find that the very best products will have an exterior made of leather. Most manufacturers, however, can be seen using synthetic leather which has stronger properties while being more resistant to damage.

Kicking Shield Comparison Chart






Combat Sports Big Punch Shield



Most Durable

Editor's Choice

Revgear Kicking Shield



Designed for Heavy Kickers

RDX Curved Kicking Shield



Best Material Construction

Ring-To-Cage Multi-Angled Curved Kicking Shield



Best Grip

Ringside Fairtex Suitcase Kicking Pad



Best Handmade Product

1. Combat Sports Big Punch Shield 

When you’re immersed in combat sports, the most important input you need is practice. If you practice over and over again, it is safe to assume that your choice of product should be extremely durable and able to withstand punishment on a daily basis. Although the name says "punch shield," it is actually made for kicking.

The slightly curved Combat Sports Big Punch Shield has, therefore, been designed with pure durability in mind. This product is 24" tall x 17" wide x 5.5" thick (about 60cm x 43cm x 14 cm) and its clean synthetic leather construction holds well against hard hits at commercial gyms or at home.


  • Thick padding
  • Shock absorbent
  • Made out of quality material
  • Extremely comfortable to hold


  • More expensive than other options

Overall Rating

2. RDX Curved Kicking Shield 

This curved 5 inch (13cm) kicking shield has been manufactured with Maya Hide leather, which has the ability to absorb even the nastiest blows. This material will evenly dispense of the impact without deforming the kicking shield. Due to this, trainers will experience minimum injuries while having the ability to stably position the kicking shield.

This product has a 2nd layer that is made from leather mesh to allow for airflow, breathability, and ventilation. It has also been integrated with technologically advanced Quad Layer Gel Integration which also helps absorb the impact of kicks with absolute ease.


  • Technologically advanced Quad Layer Gel Integration interior
  • Manufactured with Maya Hide leather
  • Leather mesh interior to allow for airflow
  • Very tough


  • Expensive as opposed to its competitor products

Overall Rating

3. Revgear Kicking Shield

This particular kicking shield from Revgear has been marketed as the only product in the market that has been specially designed for heavy hitters. This is due to the fact that this product features a unique foam configuration that promises to provide unparalleled levels of protection for trainers.

Revgear’s kicking shield has been constructed using heavy 22 oz vinyl-coated nylon and triple stitching. Due to this construction, the product can withstand any kind of punishment that is dished out on it.

The 25" by 16", 6" thick (about 64cm x 41cm x 15cm) kicking shield also features side handles that make this product more versatile than its competitor products.


  • The thick foam in this product provides unparalleled security for trainers
  • Can handle the most powerful of kicks
  • The triple-stitched seams of this product are covered with nylon coating
  • Easy handles, making switching gear easy


  • Because of its thick padding designed for punishment, the shield takes some time to be broken into.

Overall Rating

Editor's Choice

This 6 inch/15cm kicking pad with triple stitching is our editor's choice because it is designed to last and handle the toughest of punishment. 

4. Ringside Fairtex Thai Suitcase Style Kicking Pad

Catch kicks safely with this highly-rated kicking shield with the help of a secure grip that promises stability and 2 sturdy handles. Furthermore, this product has been made with easy to clean, durable synthetic leather that can uphold effectively against the hardest hits at home or at the gym.

What makes these products even more effective is that they are handmade in Thailand. This includes their 24 x 17 x 6 inches (about 60cm x 43cm x 15cm) core made of shock-absorbing foam and dense pad protection which can work perfectly against the strongest kickers.


  • Most compact kicking pad on the list
  • A secure grip that promises stability and 2 sturdy handles
  • Made to be easy to clean
  • Synthetic leather designed for durability
  • Hard study surface designed to toughen the shins


  • The hard surface and  denseness  of the material can be painful for shins that aren't used to it

Overall Rating

5. Ring-to-Cage Multi-Angled Curved Kicking Shield

The Multi Angled Curved Body Punch kicking shield has as many as 6 different grips which have been fully reinforced for ultimate versatility in training. This product also has a multi-layered foam padding that has been constructed using a synthetic leather shell.

The durable leather straps used for this product have been triple-stitched and its curved design offers more variety in kicking styles and strikes. The 25" tall x 16" wide x 6" (about 63cm x 40 cm x 15 cm) thick construction of this product also promises more maneuverability for the trainer.


  • Has as many as 6 different grips which have been fully reinforced for ultimate versatility in training
  • Has a multi-layered foam padding, constructed using a synthetic leather shell
  • Triple-stitched and its curved design offers more variety in kicking styles and strikes.


  • Customers found that the resistance bands aren’t great, as a replacement for heavy lifters.

Overall Rating


A less than stellar martial artist