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Best MMA Betting Sites (That Also Accept Accounts Residing in USA)

It's no secret that having money on a fight makes it that much more exciting.

For those of us in the United States, prior to the rise of online sportsbooks, we had very few options for betting on UFC fights.

But now, with loosening regulations around sports betting, those living in the United States can now place a bet on a fight in the comforts of their own homes.

In this article, we review the two best sites for betting on MMA (or boxing) fights. They both have a long history of stellar customer service and paying out on time. 


Top Choices for MMA Betting Sites

Short on time? BetUS is our top choice.

1. BetUS

Our top choice for MMA betting sites open to United States citizens is BetUS. This sportsbook has been operating for over 25 years and has garnered a stellar reputation in a pretty hit-or-miss industry.

The generous sign-up bonus of 125% (up to $2,500) and the variety of payment options make it an ideal choice for those looking to bet on fights. 

BetUS makes signing up extremely easy. While some other sites in the industry can take days to verify your identity, BetUS verifies your identity at signup and you can deposit instantaneously via Mastecard/Visa, cash transfer, bank wire, or cryptocurrency transfer.

Upon signing up, you are also assigned a dedicated account manager than can help you with all things on the site.

Payout is extremely fast with BetUS, much faster than many others in the industry. Although account verification is required for initial payout (like elsewhere), they have a phone number you can call to verify your information so you get your payout processed fast. As soon as your payout is processed, it takes only a couple of days to receive your money. This is extremely fast in the industry.

If you are withdrawing your money via crypto, no additional account verification is needed.

Although the sign-up is 125% for cash deposits, it is 150% (up to $7,500) for cryptocurrency deposits. The site accepts bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ethereum for deposits. 

While it is common for the industry to offer sign-up bonuses on initial deposits, BetUS goes a step further and offers reload bonuses. This is a rarity in the industry. Every time you reload, you earn a percentage back in credits for free play. Reload bonuses will vary from 10 to 50%, depending on how much you reload.

To summarize, BetUS is the industry leader in fight betting for the following reasons:

  • Generous max sign up bonus ($2,500 for cash and $7,500 for crypto)
  • Mobile-friendly site that makes betting on your phone easy
  • Generous reload bonus (up to 50%)
  • Live up-to-the-minute betting
  • Instant account funding
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Betting available on all major sports

If you are using cash, make sure to use coupon code TOP125 to redeem your sign up bonus. If you are using crypto, make sure to use TOP150. Do know that any bonus over 100% must be spent at the casino, and not the sportsbook.

2. BetNow

BetNow is also an industry leader when it comes to betting on fights.

They are right up there with BetUS in terms of features. Easy sign up, fast payout, various methods for depositing and withdrawing your money (including cryptocurrency). However, it falls behind BetUS in one very important category---and that is the sign up bonus.

BetNow offers a pretty high sign up bonus of up to $1,000. But BetUS offers up to $2,500 in sign up bonus money.

To use the bonus, be sure to use code BN100 if you are depositing less than $500 and BN50 when you are depositing more than $1,000.

BetNow has a lot of nice features, including the folllowing:

  • Easy sign up process
  • Various deposit and cash out methods
  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • Friend user interface
  • Live up-to-the-minute sports betting
  • Betting available on all major sports

Comparison Table: BetUS Versus BetNow

If you are interested in a side-by-side comparison , take a look at the table below.



Max Cash Sign Up Bonus



Cryptocurrencies accepted

bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum


Max cryptocurrency sign up bonus


None available

Max online wager limit for fights



Fight betting types

Money line, spread

Money line, spread


BetUS and BetNow are two of the biggest online sportsbooks right now accepting accounts residing in the United States. They are highly rated and have been operating for quite some time. You do not have to worry about any exit scams with these two. Both sites have a lot of the same features and offer a lot of flexibility. But if we had to pick one....

Final Verdict

The better value goes to BetUS because of its generous sign up and reload bonuses. A sign up bonus of $2,500 is unheard of in the industry. 


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