How to Fight Like Giorgio Petrosyan

Giorgio Petrosyan is a high level southpaw muay thai kickboxer who currently fights for Glory, ONE Championship, and Bellator, as well as a few smaller promotions. Jeff Chan from MMA Shredded just made a pretty neat video detailing the tactics used by Giorgio Petrosyan in his fights. The tactics below have been used successfully against some high-level kickboxers like Robin Van Roosmalen, Buakaw, Mike Zambidis, and Dzhabar Askerov to name just a few.   (more…)

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Why Do My Boxing Gloves Stink?

If you have been using your boxing gloves for a little bit and don’t know how to properly take care of it, you may be asking yourself why your boxing gloves stink. It’s a fairly common problem with a fairly simple solution. If you want to know why your boxing gloves stink and how to get rid of the odor, read this article and heed the advice. (more…)

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