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Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case Review

A mouthguard case is important for isolating and keeping your mouthguard from making contact with other items in your gym bag as well as the surroundings. This is a good product to own and is definitely an improvement for the individuals that use a ziplock bag to hold their mouthpiece. The article will be reviewing the Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case that is designed to speed up the drying process of your mouthguard and prevent bacterial growth.


  • Ventilation feature
  • Carabiner attachment system
  • Tough exterior
  • Color Options


  • Tendency to pop open when dropped on the ground

Overall 9/10

Review Comments


Color Options: The Shock Doctor mouthguard cases are available in the colors shown below.

Size: This case is large enough to hold a youth or an adult size mouthguard.

Anti-Microbial: According to Shock Doctor’s product description, the mouthguard has anti-microbial properties.

Lid Mechanism: The two front corners of the mouthguard case’s top and bottom pieces have ridges that allow the case to snap shut and stay closed securely.

Carabiner Attachment System: A carabiner is incorporated into the Shock Doctor case design.This feature permits its owner the ability to attach the container to a hook or strap on their athletic bag for convenience. The carabiner is not removable.

An example of how the mouthguard case could be attach to your backpack.

Ventilation System: The case incorporates a unique design to effectively provide air circulation for drying out the mouthguard. It has a large opening in the front, also known as the drip slot, which allows excess fluid to not be kept inside the case and further enhances the case’s drying ability. In addition to that, the drip slot opening means individuals can use this Shock Doctor mouthguard case to hold a tethered mouthguard without needing to remove the strap connected to it. The lid of the mouthguard case also has specially devised slots to increase air circulation.

The image above display the lid’s design for promoting air flow.

Information Section: The bottom of the case has an area for you to fill in your name, phone number and team name. This allows individuals to further distinguish their mouthguard case from fellow teammates and makes it easier to be found in cases where you happen to lose it.


I purchased this mouthguard case with the Shock Doctor Nano Double mouthguard. In addition to preventing my mouthguard from having direct contact with the unhygienic surroundings, I have noticed that the case has done a fantastic job of quickly drying off my mouthguard after practice. The ventilation design is vital to prevent bacterial growth and keep mold from growing.


The sturdy construction of the case has allowed the case to maintained its structural integrity over the three years I have owned it. The carabiner is a nice option for attaching the case to my gym bag and therefore increasing its accessibility and visibility. As a result, you can save time from digging through your bag, especially if you are in a hurry. The only durability issue I have come across with the Shock Doctor mouthguard case is the plastic piece that connects the carabiner to it. This plastic piece looks like it was simply glued onto the case. The strength of the glue is not that good and this piece of plastic is close to breaking off.

Lid Security

I had my mouthguard case fall out of my bag quite a number of times. There has been times where the case pop opens and the other times it stays shut. Originally, I thought the mouthguard case opens easily when I dropped it because I was not securely shutting the case and locking onto the front ridges properly. Later on, I have found out that the case does have a weakness point for breaking open based on how it contacts the ground. If it falls flat on its bottom or top, the case will stay close. A fall that causes the case to land on its side, even when it is one foot off the ground, will cause the case to pop open.

Cleaning Comment

For hygienic reasons, it is a good habit to clean the case every time you wash or clean your mouthguard as well.


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