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Title Platinum Punch Mitts Review

Focus mitts are an essential item in boxing. Training with focus mitts will allow you and your teammates to drill punching combinations, develop hand speed and improve accuracy. After using the focus mitts available at my boxing gym, I decided to purchase a pair of mitts for my personal use. This review article will examine the Title Platinum Punch Mitts and my personal experience using them.


  • Thick padding

  • Palm ball and curved padding provides superior comfort

  • Secure Fit

  • Genuine leather


  • No alternative color options

Overall Rating:  9/10

Review Comments


Physical Appearance - Platinum mitts has an all leather exterior and is only available in black. The pair I own differ slightly from the most current version, which has the word platinum running along the upper edge of the mitts and over the wrist padding that protects the back of the wrist.

Curved Padding with Palm Ball - The mitt’s nice and solid padding has a thickness close to 3 inches. The combination of the palm ball and contoured shape gives its user a natural feel and grip, which makes it comfortable to use and helps prevent hand fatigue, especially from long training sessions.

Wrist Protection - The Platinum mitts also provides a good cushion for the front and back of your wrist. Furthermore, an adjustable strap with a hook and loop design runs through a metal D-ring and grants you the ability to tighten the strap until you obtain a secure fit.

Finger Cover - The finger compartment is covered as shown in the previous image. The leather material by the back of your hand has air holes for breathability.

Target Circle - A target circle is a advantageous feature that permit boxers to work on their accuracy. The target circle for the Platinum mitt is a piece of gray leather stitched onto the mitts.


I find the Platinum mitt’s contoured padding to be a lot more comfortable than the mitts at my boxing gym that has a flat surface. Not only does the contoured padding and palm ball help with creating the natural curvature to comfortably grip with my hand, the finger compartments is highly useful for gripping and hanging onto the mitts as well.

Being able to adjust the wrist strap is an excellent feature, especially if you share these mitts with your teammates and their wrist size differs greatly from your own. When I take the time to properly tighten the wrist strap, I have noticed very little to no slipping of the mitts from my hands during training. Additionally, one of my favorite thing about this adjustable strap is how it runs and tightens over the wrist padding instead of your bare wrist.

Quality and Durability

The Platinum mitt’s quality construction and structural integrity has resulted in a durable product with great longevity. The genuine leather gives these mitts a great look and tough exterior. My mitts have not shown any major wear and tear. Plus, the padding is still thick as ever. The hook and loop part of the wrist strap has not lost its stickiness. Since the target circle is actually made out of leather and stitched to the mitt’s surface, instead of being printed or screened on, this composition has given it a long lasting design.


The dense padding is fantastic for protecting my hands, even when I hold mitts for much bigger teammates. I was impressive with its ability to absorb impact compared to the ones at the boxing gym. The cheaper options I have used were composed of flimsier material that only had a light and thin padding. Therefore, it was not ideal for catching the powerful punches.

One important thing to mention is that the Platinum mitts are terrific to hit when you have boxing gloves, but not so much for those that want to use MMA gloves or just handwraps. The sturdy construction and hard surface makes it feel too rough for some individuals that want to train without boxing gloves. Other focus mitts options do have a softer center cushion for these types of individuals and would be a better choice for them.


The price range for brand named focus mitts range from as low as $20 to well over a hundred. Title Platinum mitts are definitely not an inexpensive choice because of the features that make it stand out from the cheaper alternatives. At the time of this review, the Platinum mitts are priced somewhere in between that price range, not including shipping cost. For this price, I believe it is definitely worth considering due to the padding and quality material utilized to construct them. The Platinum mitts may not be as physically appealing or high quality as other options out there, but it should definitely be recommended to beginner and intermediate level boxers.


A less than stellar martial artist