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7 Best Wireless Earbuds For Training and Working Out Hard

Gone are the days when we had to go through our high-intensity workouts with wires sticking to our clammy skin or flailing around. It started with the Apple Airpods, the first product to truly popularize TWS (truly wireless stereo) earbuds. But since its initial release, a plethora of earbuds have come out to try to capitalize on the new trend. 

And if your training regimen or workout consists of high intensity and ballistic movements, you want an earphone that will securely fit in your ear without constantly falling out.

In this article, we have tested the best TWS wireless bluetooth earphones for training and working out hard. We have tested these while running and hitting the punching bag; so we know that these earphones do pretty well with staying in your ears during exercise.

So How Do You Determine the Best?

Wireless earphones are great for your daily workout as they are easier to maintain and lighter to carry around. You also have the option to upgrade their fit by adding different ear tips on them.

There are, however, some more considerations that we would deem important before buying. These considerations will include:

Sound Quality

Sound quality is obviously the first criteria you should look at if you are in the market for in-ear headphones. The sound quality of TWS earbuds has improved tremendously since it first came out. And the move in the industry towards TWS technology is rapid. The problem is putting a quality speaker driver that is big enough to deliver crisp sound in such tiny earbuds. So with earbuds, you will see a huge difference in sound quality between the ones that are around $50 and ones that are in the $150 to $250 range. So if you an audiophile that really care about the the sound quality of the bass, treble, and midrange, you should definitely invest in the more expensive earbuds. However, if you are casual music listener that wants a good pair of earbuds with overall good quality sound, then the few of the ones on this list that are in the $50 range will do more than enough to serve your needs.

Sweat/Water Resistance

Some studies have found that the average individual sweats somewhere around 0.8 to 1.4 liters per hour during the average workout session.

Many of you may agree that sweat is the kryptonite of most wireless earphone brands and water resistance dictates the very durability of these products. Water resistance can quite easily be the ultimate proof test if you’re looking for something that you would wear during workouts.

You should look for the IPX rating (Ingress Protection) of the products to see how water-proof and sweat-proof the product really is. Any earphone you get specifically for working out should be water resistant and have an IPX rating. Here is a chart that shows you the different IPX rating, from 0 to 8. The chart is courtesy of Hyper-Gear.

Anything with an IPX rating of 7 or more is enough for outdoor usage, such as exercising in the rain. If you are going to be swimming, then it is recommended that you one with an IPX rating of 8.  However, if you are training indoors and out of the pool, IPX rating of 2 should be enough to withstand heavy sweating.

Battery Life

Like all the wireless electronic devices out there, the battery of your wireless earphones is also a very important consideration. This consideration should also be the deal breaker if you can’t seem to decide between a pair of products.

Many people would think that 4 to 6 hours of battery life is quite less and a stumbling block for wireless earphones. Well, they got the last part right but considering the use of these products, 4 to 6 hours is quite a decent amount of time. A few of the earphones we reviewed has battery life nearing 10 hours. This is excluding the battery life included in the charging case of course.

Here is a tip for saving battery life on these: If you are really low on batteries in your earphones and charging case, only use one earphone and leave the other earphone in your charging case. This will use half of the battery. This would be ideal when you are talking on the phone.

Sound Isolation

The best wireless earphones should also feature noise isolation capabilities in their design. With the help of this feature, these products can dial down all the ambient noise around you in the gym.

Gyms are and have always been inherently rowdy places. This is why a great pair of noise-canceling wireless earphones could really come in handy.

Special Features

There are always those people who want their choice of brand to go out of their way to offer them some special features. If you’re one of them, then you should be on the lookout for features like a biometric tracker recording your heart rate or bone conduction technologies that are scientifically proven to be the best noise cancellation earphones in the market.

While these were the most important factors to consider when choosing the best wireless earphones from a huge list of market offerings, here are some we handpicked. You can’t go wrong with any of these – but which one is it going to be for you? The choice is yours.

In-Ear Headphone Comparison Chart


Max Battery Life

Per Full Charge

Charging Case Battery


Resistance Rating

Aggregate   Sound

Quality Rating


Driver Size**

Audiophile's Choice

Jaybird Vista

6 hrs

10 hrs




Editor's Choice

Apple Powerbeats Pro

9 hours

16 hrs




GRDE X10 Wireless Earbuds

5 hrs

100 hrs




JLab Epic Air Sport

10 hrs

60 hrs




Master & Dynamic MW07

3 hrs

14 hrs




TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds

3 hrs

9 hrs




Tranya T3

7 hrs

60 hrs




*This is the max battery life at approximately 50 percent volume and when playing audio (doesn't include standby time).  Battery life is hugely dependent on playback volume and how long you've had the the device. You will find that playtime will degrade over time, much like phones.

**Speaker driver are the round "speakers" of the earphone, the mechanism delivering the sound. In a typical large speaker, you will find different types of drivers delivering different audio ranges (treble, midrange, and bass). But in small earbuds, the rule of thumb is that the larger the speaker driver, the lower the frequency it is designed for. So a bigger driver will deliver more bass. However, driver does not necessarily correlate with sound quality; a smaller driver can deliver better overall sound than a bigger driver.

1. Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones

These bad boys were my first TWS earbuds. I was looking for earbuds with deep bass that was under $50 so these were the ones I chose. I wasn't expecting much since some high-end TWS earbuds sell for over $200. But I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely did not bring out the bass like my Skullcandy Crusher and the sound isn't as crisp as an actual headphone.

However, they are definitely much better than many wired earbuds in the same price range. The bass didn't bump too hard on the rap music but you can still hear the lows.

The company advertised about 7 hours of playback with these earbuds and it checks out. I can go through a whole workday without having to use the charging case to charge these bad boys.

As far as range go, there is a bit of dropoff after 20 feet if there is a wall disrupting the signal. Without a wall, I would imagine there wouldn't be any dropoff until you get closer to 30 feet.

Although the earphones fit securely in the ears, it does feel a bit bulkier than some of the other earphones on this list. But each earbud only weighs 5 grams each, which is about the size of some of the other earphones on the list. So I'm not sure why it felt heavier. Anyway, I tried hitting the heavy bag hard with these and I also tried sprinting. These babies do not fall out.

One thing I did not like about these earphones is talking with them. The voice on the other end sounds extremely muffled with both earbuds in. With only one in, it was okay. I'm not sure if it was just mine because I wasn't able to see other people report this. But if you are using it just for music, then it shouldn't be too big of an issue for you.

Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of use, I left them in my pant pockets so the washer and dryer got to these. But to my surprise, one of the earbuds was still working fine after so the IPX-8 water resistance certification is legit. But learn from my mistake, don't leave it in your pants.


  • IPX-5 water and sweat resistant
  • Long battery life of 7 hours. This is pretty long by TWS standards
  • Good bass for wireless earbuds
  • Charging case has ample charge (60 hours)
  • Great choice for an entry level TWS earbud


  • Voice is muffled during phone calls with both headphones in
  • Although the added bass is recognizable, it might not be enough for bass heads who like to listen to a lot of hip hop

Overall Rating

2. Jaybird Vista Earbuds

Don’t let the small drivers on these bad boys fool you; these earphones pack quite the punch. The 6mm drivers allow for a longer battery life but the Jaybird Vista will still give you crisp and clear sound. These earphones got a 9.6 rating (out of 10) over at The Sound Guys.

Will it stay in securely? You bet. The wings/ear tips will ensure that your earbuds will not fall out during exercise.

This IPX-7 rated earphone is a great if you ever want to play in a shallow pool but would not be ideal for long swims or deep dives.

The earbuds are  4.8 grams, making them one of the lightest earbuds on the list.

This bad boy got a 9.6 rating on The Sound Guys for overall sound, with a 9.8 for bass, 9.6 for midrange, and 9.4 for highs. 

While these wireless headphones are quite portable and offer about 6 hours of continuous playback time, and an additional 10 hours with the charging case. Like other high end earbuds, this one also offers quick charging, where a 5 minute charge will get you an hour of play time. 

Unlike its predecessor the Jaybird Run, these do not have any connection issues with its new chipset.

One more super cool thing about the Jaybird Vista is that it comes with its own app, allowing you to control the EQ (equalization) of the earphones to give you a customizable audio experience. The high end earphones seem to all have paired apps to make the listening experience more joyful.


  • Comes with its own app for you to adjust the EQ
  • Great low, mid, and high range so it is ideal for audiophile who likes to listen to all types of music
  • Extremely secure fit to handle the most rigorious of activitis


  • The wings/ear tip can be painful after wearing for awhile

Overall Rating

3. Master & Dynamic MW07

If you want something fancy and sturdy, this is it. Right out of the box, you can already see and feel the money and time that went into this design.  These beautifully designed earbuds look like something that came out of Apple’s headquarters. But it is not. It was designed and developed in New York and features a 10mm driver to deliver awesome bass.

But bass isn’t the only thing this earbud is good with. The earbud delivers great all-around sound, with crisp and clear treble and midrange. The Sound Guys gave the overall sound quality of this an 8, with 8 for low (bass), 7.5 for midrange, and 8.8 for highs (treble). So if you are fan of blues or listen to genres with more highs, this earbuds will be great for it. That doesn't mean that EDM and hip hop fans will be disappointed by these earbuds though---a score of 8 out of 10 for the the lows is terrific for TWS earbuds. As a point of reference, my Skullcandy Crusher wireless has a  bass score of 6.8 but the bass still sounds terrific. 

Everyone that is a big fan of build quality will love this earphone. It features a stainless steel charging case and the earbuds are made from acetate. But even if it is made from acetate instead of plastic (like most earbuds), you do not have feel the weight difference when putting it on. As soon as you open the box, you feel the quality of this product from top to bottom. The overall quality build comes at a price though; this is one of the more expensive earbuds we reviewed.

These earbuds are going to be a little heavier than the Jaybirds, coming in at 9 grams each. But when you are speaking in terms of grams, a difference of 4 grams is negligible.

In terms with water resistance, this set comes in with an IPX-4 rating, which means you can sweat excessively while wearing it, but you shouldn't expose it to excessive liquids for prolonged amounts of time.

These earbuds are in the same price range as Airpods. So if you buy them, make sure to take good care of them. Don't leave them in your pants and wash them, like I did. 


  • Study design, with acetate and stainless steel
  • Charging case can be charged wirelessly
  • Great for listening to all genres of music
  • Earbuds are tuned by Bang & Olufsen, which is the cream of the crop when it comes to high end consumer electronics in Denmark  


  • One of the heavier earbuds and charging cases on our list of reviewed headphones

Overall Rating

4. Apple Powerbeats Pro

Apple bought Beats by Dre and so the Powerbeats Pro is what came of their purchase from Dr. Dre. This beast of an earphone offers more than 9 hours of playback time and more than 16 hours of playback time with its charging case. Wha'ts even more impressive is that they do this while having 12mm speaker drivers in the earbuds. 

Being an Apple product, the first question people will ask is how it compares to the Airpods 2? The general consensus is that it is a bit better than Airpods 2, especially for really active people.  The earhooks certainly help the earbuds stay on your ears during rigorous exercise. Additionally, most audiophiles seem to think that the Powerbeats Pro seems to offer a wider audio range than the Airpods 2. So the music is crisper on the Powerbeats Pro. The Sound Guys rates the overall sound quality an 8.9, with a 9.3 given to the bass. The fact that it has such great bass should not be surprising to those who have owned Beats by Dre in the past. So if you like listening to music with a lot of bass and you aren't shy about springing a little extra cash, these earbuds will give you a wonderful listening experience. 

Because Apple made this product, this has a few cool technical specs. First is the Fast Fuel charging, enabling you to get two hours of playback in just 5 minutes of charging, or eight hours of playback in 45 minutes of charging. This isn't the only earphone on this list with fast charging, but it has the fastest fast charging. Second, this device has automatic standby---it senses when you are taking your earphones out of your ear and will pause for you when that happens. This will save you plenty of battery life. Third, they have put the H1 chipset into their earbuds, thereby allowing automatic pairing with Iphones. And yes, it will also work well with Android phones.

The reinforced design of this product promises optimal sweat and water resistance for the toughest workouts. Each earbud consists of track and volume control options along with voice capability and auto Play/Pause options.


  • The best TWS wireless earbuds for bass
  • Earhooks ensures that it will never fall off your ears during exercise
  • Automatic pairing with Iphones
  • Very long playback time, especially for a TWS earbuds


  • Of course it is expensive, being an Apple product and all

Overall Rating

5. JLab Audio Epic Air Sport

JLab Audio was truly able to set the record with their 10-hour battery life and 60 extra hours with the Epic Air Sport technology. These earbuds also feature customer EQ3 sound that has Bass boost modes with balanced sound qualities that remain the same during high movement workouts.

What’s more? This product has a IPX-5 sweat and water resistance rating. Lastly, you will also be provided with 7 different sizes of gel ear tips so you can pick the right size for your ear.

As far as audio quality goes, The Sound Guys give this pair a 9.1, with 8.7 for bass, 9.5 for midrange, and 9.2 for highs. So if you are buying these, you are sure going to enjoy your music very much.

I am a little disappointed that there is no quick charging for these, considering how much you pay for them. But this really shouldn't be an issue if you charge your earbuds every evening, because 10 hours of play will be enough to get you through your day.


  • Ridiculously long battery life for earbuds and for charging case (10 hrs and 60 hrs respectively)
  • Features three custom EQ sound modes without the need for an app (signature, balanced, and bass boost) 
  • 7 different ear tips to ensure that it will fit every ear size
  • Tremendous bass for such a small device


  • No quick charge

Overall Rating

6. GRDE Wireless Earbuds

The wireless earbuds offered by GRDE has lossless HD rendering and Bluetooth 5.0 technology to give you crystal crisp treble and incredible sound quality. This is paired with its wide compatibility as it can be paired with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices.

The earphone offers about 5 hours of playback. But here’s the crazy thing; this product also features a 3000 mAh battery that offers a mind boggling 100 hours of stored charged. You can even use the charging case as a power bank for your phone to get 1-2 full charges out of it. Lastly, this product also features an IPX5 water and sweat resistance – which makes it perfect for most sports.

The charging case even has a display to show you how charged your earbuds' battery level.


  • Good mids and highs for the price
  • Cheapest TWS earbuds on our list
  • 100 hours of battery in charging case


  • The bass isn't the best

Overall Rating

7. TOZO T10

If you’re looking for pro-quality sound, then there is no better alternative to this product for this price point. The earphones has larger-than-average speaker drivers, at 8mm. Speaker drivers of 8mm is pretty hard to find at this price. However, the drawback is that it only offers 3 hours of playtime, and 9 hours of stored charge in the charging case. I used this for work and ultimately got too tired of constantly recharging the earphones so I bought other ones. So if you are big fan of bass, don’t want to spend too much, and don’t mind having to constantly recharge this one is for you.

One added bonus for this earphone is that the charging case supports wireless charging. So if you have a wireless charging pad or your phone has shared wireless charging, you can charge this case.


  • Charging case supports wireless charging
  • Large 8mm speaker drivers to deliver crisp sound.
  • Highest IPX rating on this list at an 8


  • Charging case only holds 9 hours worth of play 
  • Only 3 hours of music playback per full charge

Overall Rating


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