Scared of Sparring? Overcome Fear of Getting Hit

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Getting hit is a common fear and it prevents a lot of people from progressing in martial arts. This is especially true in boxing, where the majority of people “head hunt.” But this is a fear that you have to get over in order to get better. Sparring is a necessity and ultimately what separates real martial arts and fake martial arts. So how do you get over your fear of getting hit? Here are some tips that have helped me get over my fear of getting hit.  (more…)

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Boxing After Shoulder Surgery (My Experience)

This article is a synopsis of my experience boxing again after shoulder surgery. Again, it is my personal experience. Your experience could be different but I hope that this article provides a rough roadmap of what to expect after shoulder surgery if you want to box (or do other martial arts) again.

My right shoulder has always been a little bothersome. However, a couple of years before my shoulder surgery was when it was really acting up. I don’t think the injury came from boxing but I can’t pinpoint what happened because I don’t ever remember a singular traumatic event. Continue Reading

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