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Conor McGregor Betting Odds For Every UFC Fight and Result

It is safe to say that Conor McGregor is the biggest star the sport has ever seen. He is a relentless promoter but also an incredibly gifted fighter. Combine the two and you have a marketing machine. The rise of online sports betting has allowed the sport of MMA to grow. People that would normally not watch fights would watch because they are betting on the fight.And no doubt that Conor McGregor is one of the biggest draws for online sportsbooks.Below is a table of of historical and current betting odds of all of Conor McGregor’s fights in the UFC, along with the results. You will also see how much betting $1,000 each fight on Conor would have netted you in the end. These are moneyline betting odds only.

Betting Odds Explained

The table below displays the betting odds for Conor McGregor. If there is a – sign in front of the number, it means Conor McGregor is favored. If there is a + in front of the number, it means he is the slight betting underdog.

For instance, -333 means that you would have to bet $333 to win $100. But if it was +333, it means that you would win $333 if you bet $100.

Some of these odds are super crazy, like with the Dennis Siver fight. Conor was a -950 favorite. That means you had to bet $950 on Conor to win $100.

Event oPPONENT bETTING oDDS rESULT Loss/Profit on $1,000 Bet
UFC 257 Dustin Poirer -333 Loss – $1,000
UFC 246 Donald Cerrone -325 Win + $307.69
UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagomedov -155 Loss – $1,000
UFC 205 Eddie Alvarez -155 Win + $645.16
UFC 202 Nate Diaz -155 Win + $645.16
UFC 196 Nate Diaz -400 Loss – $1,000
UFC 194 Jose Aldo +105 Win + $1,050
UFC 189 Chad Mendes -210 Win + $476.19
UFC Fight Night Dennis Siver -950 Win + $105.26
UFC 178 Dustin Poirier -225 Win + $444.44
UFC Fight Night Diego Brandao -690 Win + $144.93
UFC Fight Night Max Holloway -240 Win + $416.67
UFC on Fuel TV Marcus Brimage -155 Win + $645.16

So if you had consistently bet $1,000 on Conor from his first fight in the UFC all the way until (and including) UFC 194, you would be up $3282.65. But after that, things take a turn. From UFC 202 to UFC 257, he ran -$401.99. So had you bet on him after he turned into a bona fide star by betting Jose Aldo, you would be in the negative.

So if you had bet $1,000 on Conor in all of his UFC fights, you would be in the positive by $1,880.66.


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