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Guide to Gambling on MMA Fights

MMA (mixed martial arts) is a worldwide phenomenon with a massive following. In 2018, it was estimated that more than 300 million fans internationally followed the sport, with the US, the UK, and Brazil boasting the largest fan bases.

As with any sporting event with a large following, bookmakers quickly realized that gamblers would enjoy placing bets on upcoming events and began accepting such bets. This was encouraged by organizations such as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which started tracking and publishing odds as far back as 1993.

Today, MMA events attract millions of wagers from viewers eager to predict the outcome of matches. For experienced MMA bettors, the process is simple. However, for people new to the sport, the world of MMA betting may be daunting, and they may require some extra help.  

Betting Types

One of the first things any new bettor should understand about MMA betting is that the options available aren’t as extensive as those available for other sports. While sports like basketball have up to eight types of bets, MMA limits players to only three.

Odds to Win

The most popular bet for MMA events is the odds-to-win option. This bet requires a player to simply predict which of the two fighters will claim victory in the fight.

Similar to other sports, when this type of bet occurs, bookmakers quickly set the moneylines based on each competitor’s probability of winning. The bets accepted on these moneylines reflect this probability: bets placed on the favored fighter offer slightly lower payouts but are more likely to occur.

Although not common, money lines on these types of wagers can also offer a third option—allowing gamblers to place bets on whether the match will end in a draw. Not all sportsbooks support this because ties are very rare within the sport.


Over/under bets are incredibly common in almost all forms of sport. These bets require gamblers to decide how much over or under the round totals will be when set against a specific benchmark.

For instance, bettors can choose to bet above or under four rounds if a benchmark is set at four (meaning that it is estimated the fight will last four rounds before a winner is declared). Depending on the probability of the game, which depicts which side of the benchmark the outcome is likely to land on, these types of bets can pay out generously.

Method of Victory

The final betting type is almost exclusively found in combat sports betting, such as MMA. Method of victory bets are based on predicting how the fight will end and how the victor will claim the win.

Possible options in this betting category include win by submission, win by decision, or win by knockout. Total knockout and disqualifications can also be wagered on, although these are usually combined with a regular knockout option.

Because of the uniqueness of these types of bets, successful methods of victory wagers are likely to pay out more than any other type of MMA bet. However, the prices of these bets vary extensively because the probability for each scenario changes drastically based on the competing players.

Where to Bet

Apart from understanding the different types of bets, knowing where to bet is almost as important. An unreputable sportsbook may not be willing to pay out big winnings when your prediction rings true.

To avoid this, it is essential to use a licensed sportsbook with a strong reputation. For instance, Greatwin is a strong newcomer to the gambling world that is easy to use both for experienced bettors and those new to the game.

By using reputable sites like this and other authorized bookmakers, you gain access to the greatest selection of bets, the best odds, and the confidence of knowing that your gambling money is secure—which is something you cannot put a price on.

Tips for Betting

Like with any sports betting, some tips and tricks can help you place more accurate bets, increasing your likelihood of winning a return. These aren’t guaranteed to work, but they can help increase your odds compared to just placing wagers on a whim.


One of the most critical things gamblers can do to increase betting accuracy is to conduct proper research before the sporting event takes place. For MMA, this research includes the history of the fighters, their rankings, the results of their latest matches, and any other factors that could affect their performance—such as recent injuries.

Doing this research to know as much as possible about the two competing individuals can help you better understand winning odds. Your research and betting decisions can also be cross-referenced online with expert predictions to see if you’ve interpreted the information correctly.

After doing this research a few times, most bettors can hone the skill of interpreting fighter information and will start making more accurate bets—even without consulting other sources for predictions.


As MMA features a mix of various fighting styles, it is imperative to know what style each opponent favors and how these styles clash with each other. Identifying players’ fighting styles can significantly assist in helping you determine who will win.

Knowing fighters’ styles can help you identify quality bets, especially when your insight goes against bookmakers’ predictions based on past performances. Because you may be betting against the odds, your payouts will be much higher.


The final tip for betting on MMA is one that can also be applied to other sports betting: search the odds. Understanding the odds often results in more successful and lucrative bets.

Because each sportsbook has experts that determine moneylines and odds, searching the odds offered by multiple bookmakers can help you find one that will best work in your favor. Doing this can also help you find the best prices for bets—leading to savings you can use to place more bets.