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Kavanagh’s Prescient Tweet Ahead of Khabib and Ferguson Fight at UFC 249

Next month's match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will be the 5th time that the fight has been scheduled. The fight is scheduled to be at the Barclay's Center on April 18, 2020. And in light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, the fight looks to be on shaky ground. Dana White and the UFC have persisted and repeatedly said that the fight is still on. However, UFC has cancelled the next three non-PPV events.

On March 7, 2020, almost a week before Donald Trump declared a national emergency and governors proceeded to lock down their states in an attempt to keep the coronavirus at bay, Conor McGregor's coach offered a prescient tweet that sadly might come true :(.

Of course Dana White still says that the fight is on (but maybe without crowds). But looking at the speed at which world governments are reacting to the virus, White may have trouble finding a venue. Although the fight is still a month away, most experts think that the virus will take a hold on society for months to come. Only the future will tell if the fight will go on or not. But this whole situation reminded me of an extremely funny meme about the Khabib and Ferguson fight. Peep it.

getting excited for khabib ferguson fight clown meme

But if the fight does persist, it might end up looking like this...

ufc 249 coronavirus hazmat suit khabib ferguson


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