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Reevo Stealth Boxing Gloves Review (formerly RXR)

Even though Reevo is not a well-known brand for martial arts gears, they have experience developing products for different combat sports, such as Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, boxing and mixed martial arts. Here we will be reviewing Reevo’s RXR 16 oz. sparring gloves (now replaced by the Reevo Stealth boxing gloves). The RXR is made out of premium genuine leather and utilizes a velcro wrist strap design. This particular Reevo model is only available in 16 ounces and with the color scheme shown above. Upon reading the review below, you will find that these gloves are a fantastic option for beginners and intermediate level boxers and is available at a very reasonable price.


  • Genuine leather

  • Quality product with good construction

  • Durable material

  • Price

  • Stylish


  • Lack of color options

  • 16 oz. is the only weight available

Review Comments

The following review content are based on my personal experience using the RXR (Stealth) for boxing and kickboxing training sessions.


Stylish Appearance - One feature that made the RXR catch my attention, while searching for an upgrade to my beginner level boxing gloves, is how cool it looked. The combination of the RXR logo, embroidery with the company’s logo and name on the wrist strap, and gold colored stitches made it stood out relative to the other options I was considering.

Breathable Palm - The RXR is designed with five air ventilation holes at the thumb and five by the fingers to channel air circulation. The product description states that its interior lining is suppose to “wick moisture away from the lining surface” as you use it. I personally have not noticed a big enough difference that would prove this saying to be true. The ventilation holes are most likely helpful in the drying out process after class though.

Grip Bar - A standard grip bar is incorporated.

Thumb - The thumb curvature design is no different than what is commonly seen from standard boxing gloves. Furthermore, a leather strip acts as the RXR thumb attachment.

Wrist Straps - RXR leather wrist straps make it easy to quickly put on and remove the boxing gloves by yourself, which is extremely convenient when I am in a rush to use them. The velcro straps design does not allow it to be a snug fit as gloves that uses laces, but those require a teammate to properly tighten them down.

Extended Cuff - The picture below shows that the RXR extended cuff, wrist padding segment, is slightly longer than an Everlast brand boxing glove. The RXR also has two elastic bands to securely hold the wrist segments together, which is one more than the other gloves I have come across. The padding that protects the back of the wrist is not very flexible and still maintains its flat curvature instead of conforming to the shape of my wrist and making it secure as possible.


Stitching - Other than some minor loose threads, my RXR stitching is holding up well.

Surface Smoothness - Quality construction makes the surface not have wrinkles compared to cheaper options. The previous picture showcases this.

Wrist Straps - The RXR velcro wrist strap is constructed nicely and has not loss its “stickiness.” For example, I have seen a teammate constantly readjust his velcro wrist straps during sparring sessions due to it keep coming loose.


Leather Surface - In addition to sparring with the RXR, I have used it for hittings mitts and heavy bags. The RXR’s genuine leather has shown great durability by taken a beating without showing much wear and tear.

Interior Lining - The same could not said for the interior portion of my RXR since it has started showing signs of wear and tear.

Overall - The RXR is holding up really well and has proven to be a great investment because it is still maintaining its relative shape and condition.


I have utilized the RXR with and without hand wraps and it was comfortable to use in both conditions. The padded grip bar is about standard size, but I have noticed that it is made out of a firmer material than other grip bars. The RXR cushion and design has allowed me to use it comfortably for hour long classes and long sparring sessions.


RXR boxing gloves consist of four layers of padding for protecting your hands.

Padding Firmness - The RXR padding is firmer than other sparring gloves, yet not as hard as bag gloves. Therefore, I personally decided that its medium density padding would make great training gloves and not be solely used for sparring. Fortunately, it has been effective as a versatile pair of boxing gloves that can handle mitts and heavy bag sessions while not being too rough for sparring.

Hand Protection - RXR padding has protected my knuckles well, even when I do not use handwraps. Additionally, the padding on the back of the hand also provides great protection.

Wrist Padding - Compared to other boxing gloves, the RXR padding for your wrist is relatively thin. However, it is made out of a firmer padding material.

Remember to pick up a pair of deodorizers too. Nothing worse than having a pair of stinky gloves.

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