The 5 Best Sparring Tips for Better Boxing

Boxing is a great martial arts for developing the ability to throw beautiful punching combinations with accuracy and power. Training in boxing will also improve your head movement and footwork. But if you train boxing, you need to spar. Sparring sessions are a great opportunity to test the techniques learned in class and to advance your skills. This article lists 5 boxing sparring tips that will enhance your boxing skills as well as examples of its implementation in a sparring scenario.

1) Learn How to Deceive Your Opponent

Being able to disguise your movements and trick your opponents into exposed positions are excellent skills to have in your toolbox. Exploit your understanding of feints to open up counter punchers and to take advantage of overly aggressive boxers.

Changing the rhythm - Learn the ability to lull your opponent with slow movements, then blitz forward aggressively to catch your opponent off guard.

Center control - Use your footwork to control the center of the ring. When you get the chance, work on cutting off the ring and cornering your opponent.

Infighting head position - During the moments of infighting, your head positioning is vital for controlling the opponent’s balance and head position. It is common for a boxer to lower their head and drive it below their opponent’s jaw. This action makes it uncomfortable for your opponent, points their chin towards the ceiling and limits their vision. With head positioning dominance, you should swarm them with uppercuts and hooks.

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