Vasiliy Lomachenko: The Best Boxer Ever?

No one in boxing has made a statement quite like Vasiliy “The Matrix” Lomachenko has before. He is arguably the best boxer of this generation. With just 15 professional bouts under his belt, he has proven to be one of the most talented fighters in recent memory.

When he finishes his career, Vasiliy may just be the best boxer of all time. To make the argument that he is the best boxer ever, we’re going to break down The Matrix’s game. Everything from his mastery of footwork, precise punches, and mental training.

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Boxing After Shoulder Surgery (My Experience)

This article is a synopsis of my experience boxing again after shoulder surgery. Again, it is my personal experience. Your experience could be different but I hope that this article provides a rough roadmap of what to expect after shoulder surgery if you want to box (or do other martial arts) again.

My right shoulder has always been a little bothersome. However, a couple of years before my shoulder surgery was when it was really acting up. I don’t think the injury came from boxing but I can’t pinpoint what happened because I don’t ever remember a singular traumatic event. Continue Reading

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